Express Loan

It’s now possible to receive unsecured loan if the amount does not exceed 10000 USD!

Wish to expand your business, increase working capital or purchase fixed assets?

Bank Constanta offers easy solution – Express Loan.

With this product you will receive the money you need almost in a moment and additionally enjoy some other benefits.

Express Loan Terms

Loan Amount



Loan Security

From 4001 to 17,000


36 Months

Not Required/Real Estate

From 2301 to 10,000


Other Terms:

Maximum grace period: 3 months;

Service fee: 2.3 – 4%.

What is needed to receive Express Loan?

  • Minimum 3 months of business experience;
  • Fill out the application form and present your ID;
  • Cooperate with Bank Constanta loan officer to examine your business;
  • Receive the loan in a day.

The duration and amount of your loan is based on the analyses of your current business.