Bank Constanta sponsors “Shavnabada” Ensemble solo concert

On June 7, “Shavnabada” Folk Ensemble will give its 4th solo concert sponsored by the “Bank Constanta” at the Great Hall of the Conservatoire.

Shavnabada Ensemble’s “Traditional Music Evening” is dedicated to the 80-th anniversary from the death of Zakaria Paliashvili. Around 20 musical works will be performed at the concert, including several church chants and songs, not performed for more than a century. “Shavnabada” found and restored them during their expeditions. Unknown variants of well-known songs will also be performed. “Shavnabada” ensemble will perform all its new songs from its repertoire at the concert.

“Bank Constanta” is constantly trying to support people working in the field of folklore. We remain committed to the social mission, and strive to promote the preservation and development of cultural values.