Bank Constanta sponsors publication of Georgian sacred chants learning audio CDs

With the blessing of Ilia II, the Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia, sponsorship of Bank Constanta and art direction of “Shavnabada” choir, a handbook of Georgian sacred chants was published on a CD.

Georgian church implies a liturgy conducted in national behavioral forms. It has its own, traditional art, expressed especially in architecture, iconography and sacred chants. These are 3 equally important fields which are essential for the formation and the existence of a national church.

With the financing of Bank Constanta, the Shavnabada choir tried to make Georgian sacred chants more affordable for beginners in Georgian church singing. For this reason, publication of traditional chants handbook on CDs was decided.

Chants handbook CDs will be gradually distributed in all Orthodox churches of Georgia and will be frely handed over to all the groups interested in learning church songs.
Georgian traditional songs handbook CDs will be a part of the “Bank Constanta” and “Shavnabada” choir cooperation which will develop further in future.